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In the process of industrial automation, GrabMax Ltd. plays the role of a machine vision integrator: we provide machine vision and artificial intelligence for machines / robots.

Products of the GrabMax platform

The GrabMax platform is made up of different modules, which provide industrial solutions for companies. One of the most important modules is artificial intelligence, which is able to make decisions on its own.


Bin picking

Automatic unloading of containers

  • 100% efficiency
  • for randomly arranged objects
  • for items with different optical properties
  • avoiding collisions
  • object recognition and sorting

Quality control

Automatic quality control

  • high reliability 3D point cloud and CAD model
  • automatically removes defective elements from the manufacturing process
  • items can be classified into several categories based on quality
  • easily administered, clear defect reports
  • yields more accurate results than the human eye

Pallet unpacking

Automatic unloading of pallets

  • boxes, packages, crates, drums of various shapes and sizes
  • simple software configuration without programming
  • unloading pallets of different standards
  • sorting and relocation of different types of packages
  • fully automatic and semi-automatic options

Machine tending

Automatic loading of machines

  • the machines are loaded evenly and continuously by the robots
  • reliable, accurate and safe solution
  • reduces the need for human resources and the risk of accidents
  • can be used for simultaneous loading of several machines
  • with the bin picking solution, the item can be selected and loaded immediately


Artificial Intelligence

  • automatic object recognition
  • rapid annotation
  • precise location and error detection
  • production tracking and control
  • automatic decision-making based on artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or machine learning refers to software that can self-define the operations needed to solve a task to a certain extent by processing ("learning from") some kind of data set. Thanks to the incredible progress in the branch seen in the last ten years, neural networks are the currently most popular type of artificial intelligence. Our company uses deep neural networks primarily for machine vision that can identify, locate and track objects on images, videos and point clouds.

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Our packages

For simple products, we provide a turnkey solution with 3-5 days installation in Hungary. We are one of the most competitive in the market for bin picking pricing.

GrabMax bin picking easy

Zivid 3D camera


GrabMax bin picking


3 days installation


2 days on-site support



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Specific machine vision tasks

We are happy to provide technical advice for the following specific tasks:

  • trajectory correction
  • contour tracing
  • colour detection
  • presence analysis
  • measurement
  • volume calculation
  • positioning
  • commissioning
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Grabmax robot

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